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    Salaries & Wages

    THE FACTS Today in Anguilla, there are still essential and full-time Jobs that earn less than $1,000 E.C. per month.  While the cost of living continues to rise,  wages in Anguilla have remained stagnant, in some sectors at the same levels for years. The AUM Government made promises to implement a National Minimum wage and have always positioned themselves as the champions of Labour. It is now 5 years later […]

Message From The AUF

Message From The AUFVictor BanksLeader of the AUF

Vic is committed to creating a robust; stable and diversified economy for Anguilla that will create more jobs; more business opportunities; more investment; and less taxes. He sees an opportunity to provide more social programs and facilities that will advance wholesome youth development in Anguilla.

We will make a difference.

— Victor Banks

The People: AUF 2015

The People: AUF 2015 from Anguilla United Front on Vimeo.